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Hi guys and welcome to the Hefni Guitar Method’s Chords Workshops.

In the following pages you will find 2 courses which introduce fundamental chord studies for preparing our learning for chord tone soloing. Before we can master chord tone soloing, we need to learn the chords first, specifically the 7th chords. Arguably, the best way to learn 7th chords is to learn them in the context of a piece of music. 

These courses were carefully designed to build proficiency through learn-by-doing rather than through theory. Also, we will learn the progressions not in only one position, but throughout the entire fretboard. Furthermore, we will focus on learning all these chord progressions in a single key. As such, this will provide us with ample variety in ways to play the chords to keep things interesting. Moreover, it will give us time to develop familiarity with the sound of the progression, the chords as well as the musical style.  

By the end of the courses, you will be able to play the progressions 12 different ways for both genres, across the entire fretboard. 

Although the courses can be taken standalone, there were actually designed to complement each other in order to develop the complete guitarist. In any case, you may choose to take only one course to really immerse yourself into that particular genre. Alternatively, you may choose to take both simultaneously or consecutively. Ultimately, you choose your own learning pace and pathway.

Who should take this course?

These courses were designed for guitarists seeking to deepen their knowledge of chords particularly 7th chords in blues and/or jazz. If you are a rock guitar player who has always found it difficult to explore blues or jazz, then this course will greatly benefit you. 

Also, the courses have been carefully designed to incorporate the appropriate voice leading in the changes so you don’t have to learn the theory beforehand. In other words, simply learn the chords as introduced and practice them until you can play them smoothly. Once you can do this, you can start jamming with others. Moreover, these courses take the theory out of the equation and get you playing as soon as possible. Therefore, just keep following the lessons which build upon what you’ve already learnt. By the end of the course you will have built a solid foundation.

What does it cost?

Nothing! It’s completely free.

Well my aim of developing these courses is actually to prepare learners for chord tone soloing. Having taught this for a number of years, I found that the main obstacle guitarist have is an inadequate chord knowledge. Therefore, in order to address this, I came out with these two courses which cover the fundamental changes one ought to know to prepare them for chord tone soloing. 

Blues Chords Workshop Thumbnail

Blues Chords Workshop

This workshop introduces the 12 bar blues progression and all the possible chord voicing groups in a single octave. 


Jazz Chords Workshop Thumbnail

Jazz Chords Workshop

This workshop introduces the 7th chords as used in both major and minor II V I progressions.


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