Altered Pentatonics

This eBook introduces the fundamentals of the Hefni Pentatonic System, the methodology, and all the relevant altered scales. It is the natural first step to exploring the new world of altered pentatonics. We can use altered pentatonics in rock, pop, blues, and jazz. More importantly, however, it is the new approach to solving the age-old problem of chord tone soloing!

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Blues Chords Workshop

This free course introduces 12 different ways to play the blues across the entire fretboard. If you’re bogged down playing blues the same way over and over, this course will greatly expand your chordal knowledge and guarantees you hours of learning enjoyment.

Jazz Chords Workshop

This free course explores the fundamental major and minor II-V-I chord progressions in jazz. Presented using easy-to-understand chord diagrams, this course will get you playing jazz in no time. If you’ve always wanted to get into jazz but do not know, then this course is for you!

The Hefni Pentatonic System

The Hefni Pentatonic System is a revolutionary new approach to chord tone soloing. Essentially, it bridges the gap between scales and chord tones through the use of altered pentatonic scales. Altered pentatonic scales are scales derived from the major and minor pentatonics. Since pentatonics use 2-notes-per-string picking, this works seamlessly with alternate picking. With this approach, mastering chord tone soloing has never been easier!

Altered Pentatonics for Jazz Volume 1

This introductory volume explores how the Hefni Pentatonic System of Altered Pentatonic Scales can be used for Jazz. It introduces the first pentatonic change sequence for the major and minor II-V-I progressions over 5 positions on the fretboard. Also, all change sequences are transposable to any key.

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Altered Pentatonics for Blues Volume 1

This eBook explores the use of the Mixolydian Pentatonic Scale for blues guitar. As in all books in the series, the pentatonic change sequences included are transposable to any key. Discover a whole new approach to the blues with the Hefni Pentatonic System.

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The Final Frontier of Guitar

John Mayer once said that “Chord Tone Soloing” is the final frontier of guitar playing. Indeed, it is difficult to master chord tone soloing on guitar due to the nature of the instrument. Not only can notes ascend up a string but also across different strings. Furthermore, we require 2 hands to play a single chord unlike some other instruments.

When conducting research in altered pentatonic scales, I discovered that these held the key to solving the chord-tone-soloing problem. In the right combinations, altered pentatonics can successfully hit all chord tones in any chord progression. Better yet, since pentatonic scales use alternate picking, this allows a seamless transition for most guitarists to pick it up. Finally, this system covers the entire fretboard and is completely transposable to any key as most shapes are on guitar.

Nonetheless, this work is dedicated to the advancement of guitar learning for all guitarists regardless of musical style. I hope you will find the knowledge presented here useful in your learning journey. There are many systems that cover Chord Tone Soloing but I believe none quite as systematic as this.

The final frontier of guitar is no longer unchartered. I humbly present the Hefni Pentatonic System.

About the author.

Rizal Hefni is a guitarist, songwriter, mix engineer and music producer with over 30 years of experience. He has taught at various music institutions over the years such as at Twintech University College and at Tritone Labs. For the last decade, he headed the Music Department at Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music. As a guitar educator, he specialises in the fields of sweep picking and pentatonics.

“The Hefni Pentatonic System is the result of 8 years of research. I designed it to ensure guitarists achieve maximum proficiency in chord tone soloing. With time, I am confident the Hefni Pentatonic System will overtake the CAGED system as the most effective way of mastering the guitar. I hope you will get hours and hours of enjoyment learning it as much as I did developing it!” 

Rizal Hefni